Terms and conditions

By submitting your order to us, you are indicating acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice at the sole discretion of Onlineunlocks.com.

1. In most cases there is no refund for submitting an iPhone unlock for wrong carrier. Please submit according to the"Next Tether Policy" carrier details

2. Once the IMEI is processing, we can't cancel until our source canceled for us. The turnaround time is according to the last orders, but in some cases might take a bit longer than the time given. 

3.For iPhone unlock verification click Verify and provide GSX details showing the phone is still locked. Will try our best to either do it fast for you or will receive a refund after verification is done 

4. The waiting time mentioned refers to "working days/business days”, weekends and holidays will not be counted

5. For all IMEI unlocks we offer 1 Month money back warranty in case unlock is not working or have any problems,if not written otherwise in the service description.